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I'm still learning who I am and what i'm meant to be doing, but in the meantime, I am enjoying my role as a mother to 2 gorgeous girls and a wife to a man that has a whole lotta heart... I used to sit and wait for tomorrow but i'm enjoying 'right now' too much to bother anymore xo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Room to move...(lots of things into hehehe)

Well... we began renovations on the place almost immediately upon deciding to move in here for good. First came Brendans office. This was an external addition joined to the house(kid-free zone...LOL) Secondly, came a much needed third bedroom. This, much anticipated, room has taken a while to be completely finished, due to finances, time and (perhaps more appropriate) the fact that we just couldn't decide exactly what we were going to do with the room.

At first, with it's raw gyprock sheets and white scrapings of base coat on the nail holes and taped joins, the girls had it as a bedroom, we figured they would use the room more than us.
All us parents needed was a bed and some drawers..or in Brendan's case, a couch... (LOL he likes the TV on while he sleeps.... i put up with this for a while... until home shopping elements became a strangely large part of my dreams....there's nothing quite like waking in a sweat after fighting with an asp only to be saved by Tim Shaw... give the asp back I say...)
Sorry, I got a little distracted there didn't I?

Ahem... as I was saying... long story short, we finally decided that it would be what it was originally built for and it is now... a GORGEOUS, new BIG main bedroom! Yes, it's 'just' a room, but we just couldn't fit all our things AND us in the rest of the house. We had piles of things in corners, in boxes, on draws and benches. This clutter has been a little suffocating in the past couple of months.To wake up to disorganisation is depressing, it's true waht they say about 'a cluttered house, a cluttered mind'..

I am one of those people that needs my most loved items out on shelves for me to see every day. They are probably rubbish to most others.... but they are mine and they are memories in the physical form. And other pieces just are what they are... like my Family Guy 'talking character' of Peter. Some of my Tea-pot collection. A framed quote given to me by a gorgeous friend of mine many years ago (she painted the frame herself). My Lord of the Rings Goblet.... gosh... and they are all still finding the right spots between all the books. And, as I draw and paint, I finally have room to REALLY get into my art. I can leave things on my desk and not pack them away from the dining table!!! Love it!!
I simply cannot upload pics tonight as it's way past my bedtime. I just wanted to blog tonight. And let you know I'm still here. Take care hey :)

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