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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A legacy...

Last year, in October, we lost a beautiful dear friend. He had such a huge impact on my life and how i will live it. He had a quiet magic about him, that only a priveledged few got to experience... I will forever be grateful that I was one of those few lucky people! Ray was Brendans best friend of over 20 years - and in the last four years he has helped me to understand not only my husband, but myself, life.... gosh SO much. He would scoff at the idea that I would call him wise and ESPECIALLY magical (a litle bit 'girly', he'd think lol), he was humble and, as far as he thought, 'just plain common-sense'.... I have been trying to write a post about Ray for months now.... and this isn't it.... it has to be perfect....

Ray & I at my wedding...

This tale, however, is about a gift which Ray left us when he passed away... though i will add that his gifts will never stop coming - his memory, his stories and the MANY things he taught me are firmly nestled in my heart and mind forever more..

Ray chose to leave us, well, everything he owned. And with this came his most cherished possesion, his home and property.... This consists of a small 2 bedroom house (which was a shed originally) and a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL acreage surrounding it. Ray's house (as it will ALWAYS be known) is simple, nothing at all fancy about it (just like Ray lol) the simplest of furnishings... it was really just a single mans house. But now, to Brendan, the kids and I, it is a magical place with years and years of memories and stories we can share with the kids...
It still remains as Ray left it, and until this last weekend, I had not been back for some time. The idea of going through his belongings made me feel like a voyer. Moving things was out of the question, in my mind, because everything was where Ray wanted it to be - and with Ray, that ment they were in THE perfect spot (i'd almost wait for some mystical 'kick up the bum' when i would move something, or not put something back - i would stop and imagine him lecturing me as to why it should be there in great detail) It felt bad.... but so did the fact that i wasn't visiting his favourite place and looking after it like i promised i would... so this weekend, Brendan, the kids and I stayed at Ray's Place. We bad a bonfire (the first real bonfire for the kids!), we played in the yard, tidied the yard and house - but, most of all, we made ourselves 'at home'... and I have to honest, I felt very much at home!

There really is something empowering, magical even, about living life so simply. Living this lifestyle really highlights the truly important things in our life - the kids, each other, nature.... i'd throw the TV out if i could... but, as long as football exists in the world, my husband would never allow such a sin!
This weekend is my favourite family 'holiday' to date! I watched my husband work tirelessly in the yard, I spent many hours just talking with him, spending true quality time together... and I enjoyed it! (lol) The kids had so much room they went a little crazy with excitement.... but they just ran, played, painted... they embraced the freedom they just can't have at our place.

On the first night we had some friends come over for a few drinks as the kids stayed with their nan... one couple had been friends and neighbours of Rays for some years, they even brought some crabs they had caught that day... yummo.. and as we all sat at the bonfire, drinking and having a laugh, I was just SO content, that moment was exactly what Ray wanted us to have it for... it was just awesome!...

The following night the girls were back already, and it was just the four of us. Though Mum was over for tea earlier which was lovely. After we showered the kids and rugged them up the four of us got comfy near the fire and just chatted.... until the kids fell asleep, right there in the light of the fire... this exact moment was my favourite family moment so far....

... so I got a photo... lol

And so, it goes without saying that, the chances of us renting this place out and living out at Ray's Place are very big!... Here's hoping this is possible!!

There will be much to do, and it's going to take alot of hard work... but it will be well worth it, if only so we can truly teach the girls what Ray was really about, so that then they can really, truly understand the importance, not only of Ray's legacy, but of his life. Ray, here's to you mate xx

Take care fellow bloggers. xo

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